Rage Against the Obscene


So lots of talented smart people worked very hard in a very short amount of time to make this live concert happen!  The people I was working with directly ran into some logistical and financial roadblocks which made a stadium show unfeasible...BUT.

Others had the same idea and I'm happy to announce that there will be a show streamed on Facebook Live!  You can read the details here and donate to some very worthy charities that will quite literally be fighting for their lives come January 20th.   https://www.crowdrise.com/love-a-thon

More acts are being added every day.  To my comic friends, writers, directors: message me if you'd like to be involved and I'll put you in touch with the organizers!  Let's do this!!! 

About a week after the election I was feeling somewhat down in the way that the sun is somewhat hot.  I felt alone, hopeless, fat (that last one is not Trump related) and truly wanted to just give up.  I dreaded the moment after waking from a peaceful sleep when reality would rush in and I'd remember that the worst person in American history was just elected president.  But after a few weeks of watching one monster after another join this pussy grabbing Pig Boy's cabinet I'm happy to report that my sadness has turned into a much healthier emotion: Blind Fucking Rage. 

Rage is underrated and underutilized by our side.  Even moderate and rational Republicans have trouble harnessing it.  Now you can say a lot about those die hard Trump supporters (just don't use big words) but they know how to rage.  Yes, they are mostly raging about bullshit  but that rage is real.  And it scares the shit out of the aforementioned rational Republicans.   I mean as angry and frustrated as we all are about a literal fascist movement taking over the government, imagine how "gracefully" they would take it if their illiterate orange messiah had won the popular vote by THREE MILLION and was denied the presidency.  IMAGINE!  You don't have to.  In the last poll I read on the subject over half the GOP still believes Obama is a Kenyan Muslim.  That's eight years of rage right there.  If they can stay angry over racist fairy tales surely we can muster some outrage when we have actual facts, actual science on our side. 

"But Danny," I imagine you saying aloud into your phone screen as you read this, "I want to fight but what can we do?"  This is a question I have myself asked aloud to my various screens.  There are the obvious things like hold our representatives accountable.  Those Democratic representatives that collaborate and compromise with the con man in chief need to know we are watching them and we will throw all our support to their opponents in primary battles.  But I was wondering what we can do right now to let this handicapped mocking garbage person know that the "landslide" he keeps talking about is as fictional as his old publicist, John Miller,  And then on Facebook I saw a couple of my old high school friends posting different versions of this :

There's a few reasons why this is a GREAT idea.  First, think of what a morale boost it would be to all of us on one of America's darkest days.  Hard to feel isolated and alone while watching millions of Americans rejecting the OBSCENITY of a man like Trump being sworn in.  But here's my favorite reason.  It will drive him insane.  The fact that his inauguration could be upstaged and lose in the precious ratings he cares so much about will make him feel a little like every immigrant he called a rapist.  Every woman he rated on a scale from one to ten to see if they were worthy of being groped by his tiny hands.  Ratings are everything to him.  I have first hand knowledge of this.  Our twitter "war" started when I challenged his assertion that his crap reality show wasn't "THE NUMBER ONE SHOW OF THE NIGHT" but instead finished in dead last.

So let's put on a concert.  He has Kid Rock and Scott Baio.  Yes they are both staggering talents but we have EVERYBODY ELSE.  Let's get our best bands and artists on board.  Our funniest comics to do sets that everyone, with one thin skinned notable exception, will love.  Someone posted that Alec Baldwin should host! An amazing idea.  You in Alec?   We'll need a catchy name.  "Rage Against the Obscene" "Laugingstock" "Lolapopularvoteloser"  I'm open to suggestions.  If you like the idea please tweet this to your favorite artists.  If you know concert promoters send it to them.  I write dick jokes for a living so this is not my area of expertise but I will help in any way I can but we need our performers to drive this.   We have a month to put it together!  Jesus, it feels good to write this. Imagine how we'll feel if we can pull it off.  

Ooh how about "#ManyPeopleAreSinging"?