Behind The Tweet

I usually like to let my tweets speak for themselves, (which has to be the douchiest sentence I've ever written) (actually it's probably not the douchiest sentence I've written today)  but these are unusual times.  Yesterday I tweeted the following:

The SNL writer I'm referring to is a Katie Rich. She tweeted a joke about Trump's 10 year old son, subsequently deleted it, and sincerely apologized. She was then suspended by Lorne Michaels.  

Now if your take away from the tweet above is that I think it's cool to mock little kids, I don't.  I think it's shitty.  I remember when I was a kid, SNL took a shot at Amy Carter (and that one got on the air!)  and I thought that sucked.  Every cheap shot at the Bush twins and the vicious crap hurled at the Obama girls was way over the line.  I think it's just wrong. And so, by the way, does Katie Rich.  She apologized and I have no doubt she wishes she could take it back. (Although, if you look at that joke I think it is FAR more at the senior Trump's expense.  When I describe it as "bad" I'm referring to its reception not it's quality.) 

But I have a confession to make.  There have been times in my life that I've said or written something I wish I could take back.  I know.  I'm a fucking monster!   But wait, there's more.  You know the writers' on your favorite shows? Your favorite comics? Your favorite comedy directors?  Each and every one of them has written or told an offensive joke THEY wish they could take back! If that fact rocks your world let me gently offer this advice. Grow the fuck up,  that's how comedy works. The way we learn to do what we do is by trying shit out.  Sometimes it goes horribly awry and we feel bad.  Some of us apologize.  The best of us learn from it and live on to make some future offensive mistakes.  

I've spent the last 20 plus years in comedy rooms. The best of these have been no holds barred places where as long as you're not intentionally trying to hurt someone, NOTHING is off limits.  I've written dozens of family friendly episodes of television that sprouted from some seriously NC17 discussions with other writers.  My comedian friends are the same.  They work out their material in front of audiences.  Sometimes they go too far and adjust and hone their sets accordingly.  This wasn't a problem before the age of outrage and cell phone cameras.  There's not much I like about being fifty two years old.  I'm fifty three in a couple of days and I like that even less.  But the thing I'm most grateful for is that I learned to write jokes BEFORE the advent of social media.  I have ZERO doubt that I would have found myself in a far worse situation than Katie's had I been starting out now.  My early jokes were SO MUCH more offensive and I thank God they are lost to history.  That said, as conscientious as I try to be to not punch down with my jokes,  I've no doubt that in the next decade if I'm alive and still on Twitter I will write something that will get me into hot water.  It's inevitable. I apologize in advance.  But when that day comes, as you storm my feed with your virtual pitchforks, ask yourselves this question:  Have you ever said something you wish you could take back?

The thing is if you're a person who has never regretted saying anything, you are a TERRIBLE person.  Let's see, who do we know who never feels remorseful for saying awful things...

So getting back to Saturday Night Live... It's super cool that Lorne has a set of standards he uses to keep people off the show.  Tweeting about a public figure's kid is clearly a violation of the code of ethics he's set down. A man has to have a code.  I mean say a person, and these are just random examples, were to mock a disabled man.  Or, I don't know, brag about sexual assault.  Or publicly attack women based on their looks or call immigrants rapists or advocate banning people from entering this country based on their religion.  I'm sure Mr. Michaels would not allow that person on the writing staff.  Of course he wouldn't.  HE'D INVITE HIM TO HOST THE FUCKING SHOW!  It's the worst kind of hypocrisy.

And to those who unimaginably still support Trump, your outrage over this woman's one joke is bullshit.  You have no credibility.  You don't want to see children get hurt? How noble. I'm confused though as to why you voted for a man who threatens to break up families and deport MILLIONS of children. Who nominates a secretary of education whose solution to our public education system is to gut it.  Who doesn't believe in climate change and will leave these precious children with a planet that can't sustain them.  Who is quite literally THE LAST PERSON ANY RATIONAL PERSON WOULD WANT THEIR CHILDREN TO EMULATE.  So thank you so much for your brave stand against the greatest evil facing our next generation.  Mean tweets ™️. 

I'll take ill thought out jokes at my child's expense over this hypocrisy any day.

Thank you, you've been a great crowd!